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Patient Experience Week

At MetaPhy, providing patients with an exceptional experience is our top priority. During Patient Experience Week, we’re excited to reflect on changes we’ve made this past year to help ensure we are constantly improving the care we provide to our patients. Some of those changes include:

  • Adding a Patient Experience Coordinator to the team to support us in moving forward patient experience focused initiatives.

  • Growing our Virtual Care Team so we can provide more personalized care to more patients.

  • Launching our “MyCare Program” brand that supports our philosophy that patients should be at the center of everything we do.

  • Rolling out the MyCare Journey- a 24-month proprietary e-learning course consisting of interactive games and videos covering nutrition, fitness, and motivational topics to better educate and engage our patients.

  • Investing in training for our Care Coordinators so they can provide the best experience possible to our patients. Our trainings were put together by a variety of clinical experts, including a Physician Assistant, a Registered Dietitian, and an Exercise Physiologist.

  • Expanding our corporate team to ensure we have support in every department. When our departments run efficiently, we can provide better service to those who matter most- our patients!

At MetaPhy, we are committed to ensuring patient experience remains a top priority. We are incredibly grateful to our dedicated associates who help to support our mission to provide exceptional care to our patients on behalf of our physician partners. Happy Patient Experience Week to all of our patients and associates!



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