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MetaPhy Partners with Jackson Siegelbaum Gastroenterology in Pennsylvania

MetaPhy Health is pleased to announce the launch of their MyCare program at Jackson Siegelbaum Gastroenterology (JSG). Located in Camp Hill, PA, JSG has been serving patients in the greater Harrisburg, PA area for nearly 50 years. Rick Jacques, CEO of MetaPhy, stated, “I know the physicians at JSG already take pride in providing high-quality care to patients, and now our MyCare Program will provide them with an additional tool to help patients realize the long-term health benefits that can be achieved by managing their GI-related chronic conditions.” April Dunn, Business Office Manager for JSG, added, “Our physicians are excited to offer the MyCare Program to their patients. They truly believe that patients with chronic GI conditions can really benefit from a dedicated Care Coordinator checking in on them each month, making sure they are staying on track, and assisting them in working towards their health goals.”



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