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MetaPhy Launches Comprehensive Chronic Disease Management Program at Bay Area Gastroenterology

MetaPhy Health is pleased to announce its most recent partnership with Bay Area Gastroenterology, which is comprised of four clinics throughout the Bay Area region of Houston, TX. Bay Area is part of GI Alliance, which is the largest, physician-led GI network in the US, offering comprehensive gastrointestinal care at over 150 GI centers across 8 states. “We are thrilled to partner with our 5th GI Alliance practice,” said Rick Jacques, Chairman and CEO of MetaPhy. “Bay Area, in particular, has some very progressive physicians who truly understand what it means to deliver comprehensive care. Their high level of engagement will undoubtedly be a key component to the success of the CCM program, which I am confident will then translate to better health outcomes for their patients.” Blake Welch, Vice President of Operations for GI Alliance’s

Houston and Southeast Texas markets, added, “The GIA is excited to continue to grow our partnership with MetaPhy. Our goal is to always offer the highest quality healthcare to our patients, and this chronic care management program will only extend the high-quality services we can offer.”



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