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MetaPhy Health Partners with GastroGroup in Covington and Slidell, LA

MetaPhy Health is pleased to announce the launch of its MyCare Program at GastroGroup, with two clinic locations on the Northshore in Covington and Slidell, LA. GastroGroup is also a part of GI Alliance, which is the largest physician-led GI network in the country, spanning over 150 GI centers and 14 states. “We are excited to be partnering with our 16th GI Alliance practice,” said Chris Oubre, President, and COO of MetaPhy. “The experienced group of physicians at GastroGroup was looking for additional ways to provide high-quality, patient-centered care. By incorporating the comprehensive care management services offered by our MyCare Program, they will be able to expand their patient's access to care beyond the clinic setting.” Hazel Brauen, Manager of GastroGroup, adds, “The physicians are excited to now be able to offer the MyCare Program to their patients. Pursuing a patient-focused approach to care and helping improve our patient’s overall quality of life have always been goals of our practice, and we believe that giving patients access to the MyCare Program will help further those objectives.”



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