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MetaPhy Health Partners with Digestive Health Specialists in Dothan, AL

MetaPhy Health is pleased to announce the launch of its MyCare Program at Digestive Health Specialists (DHS), serving patients in Dothan, AL and the surrounding areas. “We recognize the value that the MyCare Program can bring to our GI patients,” said Andy Franklin, Administrator for DHS. “By utilizing MetaPhy’s telehealth platform, patients will have increased access to care as they seek ways to improve their chronic GI conditions, as well as their overall health.” MetaPhy’s Vice President of Clinical Operations, Amy Adams stated, “We believe that providing patients access to ongoing and consistent interactions with a real-life care professional in between their regular office visits is a critical factor in improving chronic conditions. The GI-related conditions that our patients have can see real improvement over time through the assistance of both our MyCare Coordinators and our telehealth platform.”



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