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MetaPhy Health Announces Launch of MyCare Program at Digestive Health Specialists in Kansas City, MO

MetaPhy Health is pleased to announce the launch of their MyCare Program at Digestive Health Specialists (DHS), which is comprised of three practice locations in the greater Kansas City area. DHS is also part of GI Alliance, which is the largest physician-led GI network in the US, offering comprehensive gastrointestinal care at over 150 GI centers across 8 states. “We are thrilled to officially launch our ninth GI Alliance partner practice,” said Chis Oubre, President & COO of MetaPhy. “DHS has an exceptional group of physicians who are all working to provide a greater level of care to their patients, going beyond just the traditional in-office visits. We are confident that our MyCare Program, which offers a Comprehensive Care Management service, will be that next step in helping those patients take an active role in their own healthcare to better manage, and even improve, their chronic GI conditions.” Kimberly Bellof, Regional Director of Operations at DHS, added, “We are excited to begin this partnership with MetaPhy and watch how that translates into better patient outcomes. Our physicians are always seeking ways to improve our patient's overall quality of life, and MetaPhy’s MyCare Program will certainly help us further that mission.”



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