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MetaPhy Breaks Company Record in New Patient Enrollments

MetaPhy Health is thrilled to announce that a new company record has been achieved. MetaPhy’s Virtual Care Team (VCT) surpassed 1,500 new patient enrollments in August, which is a new company record for total enrollments in one month. “A combination of several factors has enabled us to achieve this milestone,” said Amy Adams, VP of Corporate Operations for MetaPhy. “In addition to adding more clinical resources within our VCT, we have also done some internal restructuring, which has created efficiencies that affect multiple program-related processes. We’ve also increased our focus on quality over the last several months, which in turn has led to more patients wanting to enroll and stay engaged in the program long-term. I’m so proud of our entire team for their steadfast work and commitment to caring for their patients.” Rick Jacques, CEO of MetaPhy, added, “It is amazing to see the growth in our enrollment numbers because that means we are helping more and more patients with their chronic health conditions every single day. This would not be possible without the efforts of our Virtual Care Team, and I am confident we will continue to accomplish great things as we keep working to help improve the lives of our patients.”



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