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MetaPhy Announces MyCare Program & Corresponding Launch of MyCare Journey

MetaPhy Health is pleased to announce some exciting updates to its Comprehensive Care Management program, which will now be called the MyCare program and incorporate new, enhanced program content. In addition, the MyCare Journey component of the MyCare program was officially rolled out to patients today. MyCare Journey is a proprietary 24-month e-learning course designed to educate and engage patients in a much more structured, sequential, and intentional manner. Patients will receive weekly animated videos covering nutrition, fitness, and motivational topics, as well as additional resources like tracking logs, recipes, and food features in order to further support them in making healthy lifestyle changes. The MyCare Journey Wellness Team consists of three animated characters: Daphne the Dietitian, Coach Coleman the Certified Exercise Physiologist, and Amelia the Motivational Guru, each of whom has a unique personality that patients will come to know as they progress through MyCare Journey.

Click here to learn more about MyCare Journey and the MyCare Journey Wellness Team.



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