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MetaPhy Announces Another GI Alliance Partner Practice in South Florida

MetaPhy Health is pleased to announce the launch of its MyCare Program at Gastroenterology Associates of Florida (GAF). With offices in Atlantis, Jupiter, and Wellington, GAF is also part of GI Alliance, the country’s largest physician-led GI network. “We are excited to add another partner practice in Florida, as well as our 14th GI Alliance site,” said Rick Jacques, Chairman and CEO of MetaPhy. “We are confident that GAF’s MyCare Program will match the success that our other GI Alliance practices have seen.

We look forward to providing GAF patients with a supplemental service that will help enhance the care GAF already provides them.” Suzan Rogers, Administrator at GAF, added, “Our providers have a long history of delivering high care to our patients, and we believe the MyCare Program will help further that mission. By providing us with a mechanism for patients to stay healthy and on track between their regular office visits, we can help our patients better address and manage the GI health challenges they face daily.”



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