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Gastroenterology Medical Clinic in Folsom, CA Launches MyCare Program

Through its recent partnership with MetaPhy Health, Gastroenterology Medical Clinic (GMC) is now offering the MyCare Program to its Medicare patients in the greater Sacramento area. Located in Folsom, CA, GMC is now able to help patients better manage their chronic GI-related conditions in between office visits through personalized virtual care, care coordination, and development of goals and strategies that are tailored to each individual patient. Corrine Harris, Practice Manager at GMC, stated, “We believe the MyCare Program offers a wide range of benefits to our patients, and staying in regular communication with a telehealth nurse increases the potential for higher levels of patient understanding and compliance, better overall health outcomes, and in turn, greater patient satisfaction.” MetaPhy’s Vice President of Program Operations, Lisa Harris, added, “We have seen over the last several years that the patients who participate in our MyCare Program really appreciate the continuum of care that our program helps provide. We offer a unique long-term approach to managing and improving patients’ chronic conditions by looking at it from a more comprehensive perspective than most other programs out there, and our program can truly have a significant impact on health outcomes over time.”



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