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Robert B. Faber, M.D. Scholarship

MetaPhy Health recently launched the annual “Robert B. Faber, M.D. Dependent Scholarship” program. This scholarship was put in place for children dependents of MetaPhy associates, who are enrolled in college courses. Clay Washington, son of Marita Washington, was the first recipient of the scholarship. He plans to attend Lipscomb University in the fall. We are so excited for Clay and wish him all the best as he begins his college journey!

“It is a wonderful feeling to know that as an employee I can bring suggestions to benefit all employees to Chris (COO) and Rick (CEO), and my voice is heard. Also, I am beyond grateful for the generous scholarship awarded to my son, and I am at peace knowing that I work for a company that not only helps our patients but also looks out for their employee’s best interest.” – Marita Washington

“I am honored to be the first recipient of the Robert B. Faber, M.D. Scholarship. I will never forget the warm reception everyone at MetaPhy gave me, as well as everyone’s encouraging words. I will continue to do my best at Lipscomb University and make everyone proud. When the opportunity arises, I will pay the kindness forward to someone else deserving.” – Clay Washington

“MetaPhy Health has been intentional about creating a familial culture. We have created a unique environment for our associates where they can enjoy what they do, enjoy who they do it with, and make a positive impact. We are happy to be able to support the efforts of our associates and their families.” – Chris Oubre, President and Chief Operating Officer

(Pictured: Clay Washington, Dr. Robert B. Faber, and Martia Washington)



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