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New Director of Patient Experience

MetaPhy Health is excited to announce the hire of Bridget Stahl into their newly developed role as Director of Patient Experience. According to Chris Oubre, President and COO of MetaPhy, “Providing an exceptional virtual experience for our patients is mission-critical to our vision here at MetaPhy, and Bridget will be key in leading our efforts to execute that vision.”

Bridget has spent several years working in patient experience leadership and is passionate about ensuring that quality and patient-centered care are delivered across the healthcare continuum. Bridget has successfully championed numerous patient experience initiatives, which have improved both quality of care and patient satisfaction.

As Director of Patient Experience at MetaPhy, Bridget will focus on creating a more user-friendly, personalized, and multi-tiered patient experience that supports patients on their journey to improving their overall health and quality of life. "I am excited to build upon MetaPhy 's existing patient-centered comprehensive chronic disease management program,” said Bridget. “In my role at MetaPhy, my primary focus will be to ensure that we are developing relationships with our patients, delivering valuable content, and supporting our patients in reaching their personalized goals to improve their health and keep them engaged in the program. I look forward to working with MetaPhy's dynamic leadership team to accomplish this mission."

For more information on MetaPhy's commitment to patient experience, please visit



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