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MetaPhy Health Launches MyCare Program for Anne Thai, MD

MetaPhy Health is excited to announce the launch of their MyCare Program at the practice of Anne Thai, MD. Dr. Thai proudly serves patients in the greater San Francisco area at her practice in Burlingame, CA. “Adding the MyCare Program to my current offering is just another way I can provide my patients with the most comprehensive care possible,” said Dr. Thai. “In addition to more easily connecting patients back to me when needed, patients can also take advantage of continued care and monitoring in between our office visits, which should help improve their long-term outcomes.” Chris Oubre, President and COO of MetaPhy, added, “Patients realize an array of benefits by participating in the MyCare Program. Not only is care coordination a part of the MyCare Program—connecting patients with the appropriate provider to address each of their health needs—but the coaching and lifestyle support that patients receive gives them the tools they need to help better manage their chronic conditions themselves, guiding them towards better health in the long run.”



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