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MetaPhy Health Launches MyCare Program at Arizona Gastrointestinal Associates

MetaPhy Health is excited to partner with Arizona Gastrointestinal Associates (AGA). AGA is one of the leading gastroenterology practices in Arizona, serving patients in the Phoenix and surrounding areas. MetaPhy is kicking off its partnership with four independent physicians, who are all affiliated with AGA. Dr. Jaffrey Kazi, who took the lead in coordinating with MetaPhy to implement the program, stated, “We believe offering this telehealth platform will add value for the patients and help extend our patient-first approach beyond the physical GI office.” Sam Cumbee, Vice President of Operations and Engagement for MetaPhy, added, “By giving patients access to the additional resources that our MyCare Program offers, patients are empowered to participate in, and in turn, improve their own health. In addition, the care coordination component of our program helps ensure that patients are always receiving the care they need, whether it be from their GI provider or another specialist.”



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