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MetaPhy Announces Program Launch at Delta Gastroenterology & Delta Medical Weight Management Center

MetaPhy Health recently launched its newest program with Dr. Ulric Duncan at Delta Gastroenterology and Delta Medical Weight Management Center in Southaven, MS. “We are very excited about our partnership with Delta Gastro, and we are confident that our program will further enhance the already high level of care that Dr. Duncan and his team are providing their patients,” said Lisa Harris, AVP of Program Operations for MetaPhy. “We are especially excited to help serve patients in their Delta Medical Weight Management Center by enrolling them in the new Remote Patient Monitoring component of the program.” Dr. Duncan added, “By offering my qualified patients a digital scale that automatically transmits data back to our team, we will be able to more closely and accurately track our patients’ progress and help reduce more serious complications, all while lowering overall healthcare costs.”



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