What We Do

MetaPhy Health is a services company that helps manage gastroenterology patients with chronic diseases on behalf of the physician 

What We Do

  • Educate patients about NAFLD and underlying  MetS conditions.

  • Coach patients to improve diet, exercise, and  motivation.

  • Keep patients accountable with monthly phone calls, text messages, and emails.

  • Provide med management and care coordination.

  • Track and measure patient vitals using remote  patient monitoring (RPM) devices.

What The Practice Does

  • Reviews patient care plans.

  • Bills and collects from Medicare.

How We Enroll Patients

  • Engages patients via telehealth platform.

  • Qualify patients with Medicare and supplementary insurance.

  • Work as an extension of the practice. All marketing material is white labeled.

How You Profit

  • Practice should make a profit of approximately $600 per patient annually.