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Remote Patient Monitoring Company

Frequently Asked Questions About Remote Patient Monitoring Services

MetaPhy Health is a remote patient monitoring company that strives to be the very best. We know that your standards for patient care are high, that you want to provide quality services for each individual, and that you will not settle for less when lives are on the line. This is why we also have those same high standards. Here are some common questions we get about remote patient monitoring.

  • How can a remote patient monitoring company really help with my patient load? Our clients have reported that they not only have increased time to see more patients, or vacation, they also have seen an increase in patient vitality (statistically), and profits.

  • Can medicare or Medicaid be billed for services with this description? Yes. Remote patient monitoring and care are coded to be easily billed by Medicaid.

  • What about HIPPA guidelines? We follow all the privacy guidelines mandated and are a regulated service, you can rely on us like you would a new nurse or medical secretary.

  • When can my patients start with your remote patient monitoring services? We strive to be elegantly streamlined with all of our services. Depending on your current system and your needs we can likely start within a week.

Contact us today to discuss your current patient load, your need for increased efficacy, and how remote patient monitoring and chronic care management may be able to help your practice run smoothly.

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