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Remote Patient Monitoring

MetaPhy Health Is Your Answer to Remote Patient Monitoring

Two things happened with the emergence of Covid-19. One, many people became afraid to visit a doctor's office because they were fearful of exposure to others who were sick. Two, people with chronic conditions still needed just as much care as they did before this real fear yet they started avoiding their doctor's office and receiving less needed care. Remote patient monitoring devices were the clear answer for patients who were more comfortable staying home yet needed to keep up their level of care. The remote monitoring devices are able to be removed or turned off so the patient retains the element of privacy and comfort that they need, yet a physician can easily read and track important information from a computer to help guide care choices and maintain patient health over time.

Remote patient monitoring was becoming more popular even before the country locked down last March. Now it is an essential service that most healthcare professionals offer. Our remote patient monitoring devices include several elements with the goal of tracking vitals remotely. The ability to keep track of a patient's vital signs while they are in the comfort of their own home has improved health care for patients across the globe. Once, if a patient needed increased monitoring they had to be admitted somewhere to allow a professional to do so. It was an inconvenience and some patients simply refused. Now a patient can do remote monitoring that allows more freedom in general. The practice was common before the pandemic has increased greatly in the past few months, and will likely continue to grow as more people realize the convenience.

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