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Seeing 2020 with 20/20 Hindsight

2020 was a complete blur. Few would argue with that statement but taking a moment to look back with some 20/20 hindsight is worth the effort to see with clearer vision what we learned from the challenges presented throughout the year.

We at MetaPhy Health encountered the same obstacles as many other businesses. As a team, we have been able to overcome and even excel despite the chaos surrounding the world, as well as the world of healthcare. How did we do it? We did it in the same way we’ve dealt with other challenges – by staying true to our core values and our mission, we were able to pivot where needed, and most importantly, we did it as a team.

Our mission at MetaPhy is to STRIVE for excellence in all we do. Our core values are embodied in this acronym:

  • Service: Doing well for others

  • Trust: Establishing real, personal, authentic relationships

  • Responsibility: Holding ourselves accountable

  • Integrity: Doing what we say we’ll do

  • Value: Delivering premium quality care

  • Excellence: Exceeding expectations through our unique care approach

2020 forced us to think about things a bit differently. If we had to revise these core values a bit to account for what we’ve learned over the past year, we might modify them to be:

  • Survive: Find a way to make it through the difficult times

  • Technology is not enough: Modern tools are necessary, but our people are mission-critical

  • Rely on each other: The only way to make it through is together

  • Incorporate new ideas: Think about things from different perspectives

  • Vision is not enough: Execution is the key to success

  • Everyone must contribute: Everyone on the team must add a paragraph or a page to the MetaPhy story

We have some amazing things to be proud of here at MetaPhy. We were able to capitalize on the meteoric rise of telehealth by providing a comprehensive chronic disease management platform unlike any other, which is reflected in our 2020 numbers:

  • Our patient volume increased by 170%.

  • We partnered with 285 new physicians from 22 different physician practices, some of which are the most progressive GI practices in the country.

  • We have over 2,000 patients utilizing our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) services, which utilizes digital scales.

  • We have an 81% patient retention rate for programs that have been live for over a year.

  • 90% of patients report that the program improves their health and that the information provided is helpful.

  • 93% of patients responded that their Care coordinator Cares about them.

  • 93% of patients are glad that their physician offers this program and these services.

We could not be prouder of these accomplishments, but above and beyond the stats is how proud we are of the MetaPhy team. Our associates went over and above to achieve these goals. They supported each other, and we supported their families. We grew as a whole and grew closer as a team. We overcame adversity. We celebrated milestones and accomplishments. Everyone contributed to the MetaPhy story, and the story will continue in 2021…



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