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Our People Are Our Focus!

At MetaPhy Health we have some lofty goals set for this year, and the only way for us to get there is together. Our focus is on our “People”... measuring/monitoring/managing people, making sure we have the right people in the right seats, supporting the team in any way we can, and making sure we have the correct organizational structure in place to support the growth we expect going forward. In recognition of accomplishments from 2021 and in preparation for our growth strategy in 2022, we would like to announce the following promotions:

  • Lisa Harris is moving into the role of Vice President of Program Operations. Since joining MetaPhy Lisa has played a key role in managing our program ops team. In 2021, Lisa and the team helped implement 26 new programs representing 207 new physicians across the country. She helped to update the method and frequency with which we communicate and provide KPI reports to our programs, and also worked with the Information Strategy team to revise the month end process.

  • Amy Adams is moving into the role of Vice President of Corporate Operations. The Virtual Care Team continues to grow in depth and breadth. MetaPhy achieved over 105% patient growth from December 2020 to December 2021 ending the year with ~15,000 active patients. Amy worked to revise the organization of the department, worked to develop a remote/work from home model for associates, focused on the creation of a quality team, and created a structure to better support the team leads for both follow up and enrollment.

  • Sam Cumbee is moving into the role of Associate Vice President (AVP) of Program Operations. Sam has been instrumental in a number of special projects inside and outside of the program ops team. He also helped to implement many of the 26 new programs last year as well as revised KPI reports and communication with our physician practices. Sam helped lead our HubSpot implementation and worked directly with me to create a project management process, tool, and methodology that will be used by all departments in 2022.

  • Erin Racher is moving into the role of Associate Vice President (AVP) of Associate Experience. Erin and her team had a phenomenal 2021. Accomplishments include expansion of the MetaPhy University curriculum, creation of a dedicated Training department, implementation of a Common Grounds leadership development program for new managers, and a transition to a new Payroll system and vendor. The Associate Experience team also implemented the MetaPhy Monthly newsletter with a focus on all things MetaPhy including a monthly spotlight on specific departments.

  • Bridget Stahl is moving into the role of Associate Vice President (AVP) of Patient Experience. Bridget spent 2021 focused on helping us lay the groundwork to create an exceptional virtual experience for our patients. She was instrumental in the design and development of a digital media strategy, upgrading our process around patient satisfaction surveys and the way we utilize the data collected from patients, standardizing the branding and design of patient facing materials, upgrading the use of local resource documents to benefit patients, and the design and structure of a 24-month patient pathway which many people both inside and outside of MetaPhy believe will be a transformative and invaluable piece of intellectual property that will be implemented in 2022.

Onward MetaPhy…



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