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MetaPhy Health Surpasses 50,000 Patient Encounters

MetaPhy Health recently reached a significant milestone in which the company surpassed 50,000 patient encounters since enrolling its first patient in December of 2017. "Our monthly virtual encounters with patients are the essence of what we do,” said MetaPhy's President and COO, Chris Oubre. “We listen to our patients, we provide information to our patients, and we learn from our patients. I’m excited that we’ve now had 50,000 opportunities to learn more.”

On November 3rd, MetaPhy celebrated this milestone with associates gathering for a raffle to reward their contributions and to hear from Chairman and CEO, Rick Jacques. While emphasizing his gratitude for MetaPhy's associates, Rick also reflected on the company's beginnings and recognized the tremendous growth that MetaPhy has experienced in such a short period of time. Amy Adams, AVP of Corporate Operations, who manages MetaPhy’s Virtual Care Team, added, "Reaching 50,000 patient encounters is truly a testament to the hard work, focus, and dedication that our team has had over the last few years to build real connections with our patients and maintain those relationships on an ongoing basis. This is an enormous milestone for MetaPhy, and I am incredibly proud of what our Virtual Care Team has accomplished, as well as our company as a whole.”

Bridget Stahl, Director of Patient Experience at MetaPhy, also shared, "Our model at MetaPhy is to deliver patient-centered healthcare, which allows us to connect with and serve thousands of patients each month. We are extremely grateful to our associates who consistently deliver high-quality healthcare services, as well as to our patients, who have made a commitment to partner with us as they work to improve their overall health and wellbeing. As we look to the future, we will continue to keep patient experience at the forefront of our mission to ensure every encounter with our patients is exceptional."



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