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MetaPhy Health Announces Program Launch at Hattiesburg GI Associates

MetaPhy Health is pleased to announce the launch of its Comprehensive Care Management program at Hattiesburg GI Associates (HGIA). Located in Hattiesburg, MS, HGIA serves patients in Hattiesburg, as well as the surrounding counties. HGIA is MetaPhy’s fourth gastroenterology practice in Mississippi and its 8th GI Alliance practice. According to Chris Oubre, President, and COO of MetaPhy, “HGIA is a very established practice in Mississippi with a successful history of providing comprehensive care to its patients. We are excited to work alongside the HGIA providers and staff members to help motivate and educate their patients to better manage their GI-related chronic conditions in between their regular office visits.” Clay Foley, CEO of HGIA, added, “One of our goals in providing our patients with more comprehensive care is to educate them on their GI-related health matters and what they can do at home to improve some of those conditions. We believe that working with MetaPhy will help facilitate that, and in turn, help our patients live a longer, healthier lifestyle and have an overall better quality of life.”



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