MetaPhy Announces Launch of Its Newest Program at Digestive Health Associates

MetaPhy Health is pleased to announce its most recent partnership with Dr. Rajiv Sharma at Digestive Health Associates in Terre Haute, IN. Dr. Sharma has an intense passion for healthy living, clean eating, and the idea that a healthy mind is achieved through a healthy body. Dr. Sharma advocates for gut health not only through his gastroenterology practice, but also by leveraging numerous online platforms, as well as frequent events in and around the community. He is the founder of the Dr. Gut Happiness brand ( and also authored the book Pursuit of Gut Happiness. “Our partnership with Dr. Sharma was a no-brainer because of his progressive and proactive approach to managing his patients’ chronic GI-related conditions,” said Chris Oubre, President and COO of MetaPhy. “Not only do we share the same overall goals to improve patients’ health, but we are also aligned in our thoughts on how to best achieve those goals by providing patients with a comprehensive solution.”

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