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An Interview with Dr. Reed Hogan: The Most Profitable Ancillary You’ve Never Heard of.

Why NAFLD Is the Income Repair Solution Your Practice Needs.

MetaPhy Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Reed Hogan of Mississippi’s GI Associates & Endoscopy Center (GIA), was recently interviewed regarding the largely untapped potential for achieving significant profitability by managing Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). Echosens, the world’s leading provider of non-invasive medical devices dedicated to the assessment of chronic liver diseases, was interested in understanding how Dr. Hogan has been able to successfully monetize this ancillary. A key component of the NAFLD program’s success at GIA, according to Dr. Hogan, was enlisting the help of MetaPhy to provide virtual care services for his NAFLD patients. “We couldn’t have found a better partner and champion of the program than Dr. Hogan,” said Rick Jacques, Chairman and CEO of MetaPhy. “Dr. Hogan has long been a supporter of comprehensive disease management, and we were able to help him with the execution of his ideas by providing the virtual care component needed to manage these NAFLD patients in between their office visits.” Per the Echosens interview, “Working collaboratively with MetaPhy, GIA developed a CCM program that took the cost of development out of their office, rapidly turning it profitable. Without MetaPhy and FibroScan, the GIA CCM program wouldn’t have been as successful.” Read the full article at:

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