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Disease Management Programs

Disease Management Programs May Be The Solution to Your Biggest Stressors As a Healthcare Professional

Nothing can replace a great bedside manner and the knowledge gleaned from a face to face meeting but that does not mean that as a physician you cannot implement management programs to help you serve your patients with maximum effectiveness. MetaPhy Health has comprehensive disease management programs that offer win-win situations for healthcare professionals and their patients alike. We have a proven chronic care model for long term care for a range of conditions and diseases. Our GI Chronic Care Management has helped patients across the area who have felt helpless to their condition and weary of so many doctor's visits.

When a patient first receives a diagnosis of a serious disease or chronic condition the world gets very small and extremely overwhelming all at once. This seems contradictory but it is true. It feels overwhelming because suddenly they have to "battle" this new issue for their health and it becomes small because the rest of the world can seem to fade away with a big scary diagnosis and the patient is left somewhat obsessed with the name and implications of the illness. This is just on the side of the patient. As you know, the doctor's position is one of treatment, support, and educator. With chronic disease, this is a long term relationship that relies on patient compliance as well as the doctor's expertise. Our Chronic care model helps streamline the whole situation so your patient can receive real care that is regular and helps them keep up their vital part of the healing process, often from the comfort of their home. Learn more about our chronic care model for a comprehensive chronic care management program for patients who are dealing with serious diagnoses in a post-pandemic world.

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