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Chronic Care Model

MetaPhy Health May Be The Exact Solution The World Needs For Chronic Care Management Services in Pandemic Times, With a Chronic Care Model That Is Proven to Increase Patient Safety and Physician Efficiency

A chronic care management company helps quality healthcare professionals balance it all a little more elegantly. If you have a lot to do in the day to day, and certain patients that need continued care because of chronic conditions then you already know that you cannot let anything fall between the cracks, so to speak. When everything is riding on you doing your job well, contact us to help you with the management side of healthcare.

Many people want to know exactly what services we provide to healthcare professionals. Our services include:

  • Our services often start when you diagnose a patient with a chronic condition that will require a higher level of regular care.

  • Then, in turn, we educate the patients about NAFLD and underlying MetS conditions. The patient who is well educated in their condition, their personal expectations, and their doctor's role in their continuous care typically has better outcomes long term.

  • We provide monthly phone calls, messages, and emails to increase patient personal accountability. This comes back to patient responsibility. After all, they can receive perfect health care but then neglect their health and parts of their home health care and still end up with declining health. It is a common occurrence and increased accountability is helpful to counterbalance this.

  • We use the best technology in remote patient monitoring devices to track and measure patient vital signs. This means that we can measure important elements and keep records over time. This increases physician knowledge about a case and patient understanding of their own health trends. It can also alert a healthcare professional to an emergency situation, with permissions.

  • We coordinate care and medicine management. What we do is in the name, if you need increased management on all levels of chronic patient care contact us to begin the integration process.

Your role then will be to review your patient care plans and continue their physician appointments as you would regularly and to bill and collect from Medicare. It is that simple. Your patient actually receives an increase in care with less effort on your part.

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